learn the language of tango

Are you ready to decrypt the DNA of Tango - the genetic code that gives rise to all the possibilities of 2 bodies and 4 legs? Prepare to exercise your analytical brain! In these 4 workshops you will learn the lexicon and structure of tango figures which will enable you to remember new combinations better and invent original ideas as you dance or practice.

Why learn the lexicon? Benefits include...

  • Grasp the deep structure of tango and its elegant nested symmetries
  • Learn how you can use chance operations to systematically generate creative new moves
  • Play games of Mental Tango with practice friends via text message
  • Join a community of analytical and creative Tango geeks
  • Strengthen your memory of Tango movement materials
  • Learn your habits and blind spots in Tango and get a way to break out of ruts
  • Take notes easily on new combinations you learn 
  • Finally you'll know exactly how many sacadas there are
  • Euphoria, lightheadedness

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