Recharge your community's creative juices with a bootcamp

The Tango Lexicon Bootcamp is an adventure into tango creativity that will reboot your community's way of thinking about tango combinations, leading/following, and practicing! All we need is 20 eager dancers and 1 host and we're there!  

We can impart the whole Tango Lexicon in 4 90-minute workshops offered on Friday and Saturday, giving you plenty of material to practice for months or years! Here's a sample schedule for your community. 

1 The Five Parallel System Translations - Day 1, 90 mins

2 The Four Crossed System Translations - Day 1 or 2, 90 mins

3 The Six System Changers - Day 2, 90 mins

4 The Nine Sacadas - Day 2 or 3, 90 mins

Please contact Mitra if you would like to bring the Tango Lexicon Bootcamp to your community! (310) 854-2466.