• The FIRST LETTER tells you what the leader is doing. F = forward, O = open, B = back.

  • The NUMBER OF SYLLABLES tells you what the follower is doing. 1 = forward, 2 = open, 3 = back. 

  • The SPECIES tells you what system you are dancing in. Human = parallel system.  Animal = cross system.

  • If it is a PROPER NAME, then the leader or follower is stepping solo: Male names = the leader moves alone. The leader’s solo steps will begin with F, O, and B, respectively. Female names = the follower moves alone.For the follower’s solo steps, we will again look at the syllables.

  • Advanced: The KIND OF CREATURE tells you whether the combination is a 'chasing' or 'colliding' step.  Humans and earthbound animals = “colliding step,” Spiritual/magical beings, and birds = “chasing steps.”